Wednesday, March 4, 2009


it just a word..
but it gives us a big impact..
it influenced our mood..
now, it's happen to me...
i can't stand anymore...

wah..susah jgk erkk....
everything i do by my own...

can you try to understand me???plezzz........
maybe some of you thinking that i'm lucky...
because i got happiness....(alhamdulillah)
but every happiness got their own "value"..
but sometimes it's not like you thinking friends..

i also had my own problem..
but i'm try to hide it from you..
Sometimes when i looked moody because it my own way to "refresh" my mood..
But i'm still try to fulfill your need even i'm moody..
you can still share everything with me...
sometimes i'm moody because...
i don't like or feel uneasy with something...
but i'm juz be silent to avoid from hurt you..
after a while i'll be okay..
it juz time to for me to learn and understand you..
don't worry..
i'm human and got feelings..

Sometimes we need to pretend to make others happy..
think about it!!



unguviolet said...

l0ve u 2...

FiaMiraZz said...

miss you minn..

Mohd Norhadi b Kamaruddin said...

my dear..
it ain't about how hard u hit. it's about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward. how much u can take n keep moving forward. now if u know what you're worth then go out and get what you're worth.moh kite!!
smoga ayg bjaya mghdpi cbaran ^_^

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